"Those Enchanted Four and Half Years"
Ruta a young vibrant girl is a medical student who nurtures the dream of becoming a renowned doctor. She gets suggestive dreams that seem to guide her future.
"Random Reflections"
Random Reflections, as the title suggests, is a compilation of thoughts on very important
"Should I Shouldn't I-a romantic dilemma"
This book is about the romantic dilemma of a young lady. The story provides lots of comic laughter and drama.
"Is The World Becoming "Spherical"?"
The reader does not have to know economics to understand the changes in the world, family...
"Wedding Aajkal"
This novel is about  two families one Kerala bureaucratic family and other Punjabi business...
"The Journey is the reward"
It’s a gripping novel based on real life incidents and inspired from the true story of an individual ...
"Exotic Engineer Entrepreneur
A true story of a ‘bindaas’ student becoming a software engineer and then an entrepreneur, the journey was not dull but tough and exciting. He found his love in the process.
""Reasoning with Faith"
The author has presented his views about an alternative discourse that thrives on evidence than merely on Faith.
This novel is about Moluti Jamir. He is studying literature in the only government college of the town much against the wishes of his father after failing to crack the MBBS entrance exam twice.
"Just Another LOVE STORY "
The LOVE SCRIPT sets in the backyard of the UDCT campus. Anand a happy go lucky engineering student in one of the prestigious Institute falls in love with his gorgeous and beautiful junior Anita.
The book is a humorous philosophical fiction about the human life. A software engineer, who had completed his graduation few months before, was trying to figure out why he was thinking that his college life was much more...
A Blind Genius is a crime story filled with high degree of suspense. It is a story of a battle; where the battle field was prepared for two warriors. The weapons for the warriors were their- minds.
Race against My Past is a realistic eternal love story which revolves around a mundane with a perfect blend of immense joy and woe.

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